Fastest, Secured and Most Reliable StableCoin backed 1 – 1 with US Dollar

A Stablecoin You Can Trust

A Stablecoin for every individual/trader/investor to simply purchase/sale or store their funds by converting it into USDM. Users can register on the website to purchase/sale USDM. More than 100,000 registered users across the world are using USDM as one the most trusted Stablecoin.

Our Mission

Metaphor Coin team envisions a lot of potential in blockchain technology alongwith creating transperancy, trust and reliability in the concept of Proof of Reserve.

Our Commitment

USDM team is here to create a Digital world with the focus on transparent markets, worldwide acceptance and aim to be a major driving force in stablecoin adoption.

Select Exchanges

Metaphor Coin

The stability of Dollar and the features of cryptographic.

Multi-Layer Security

Protect against DDoS attacks and thereby keeping all the data encrypted.

Lighting Speed Transactions

USDM has been build on InLock Blockchain which completes the transaction with the lighting speed between the Purchaser and Seller.

Worldwide Acceptance

USDM is the most acceptable digital money after Fiat currency today. Users can Purchase/Sale USDM on different crypto exchanges across the world.

Payment Options

USDM is accepted in all major countries where Digital Money is on the sphere.

Cost Efficiency

No Internal Wallet Transfer fees as well as from registered crypto exchanges.

Proof of Reserve

Every USDM is always backed by equivalent US Dollar. USDM protocol mints, purchase, sale and burns USDM as needed to adjust the circulating supply.

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